About AniMatch

Sharing is Caring!

Over the last decades the number of animals used for scientific purposes has increased dramatically. Not all of these animals participate in an actual experiment. A great number of animals is also required for the collection of tissue and organs to perform cell culture studies or to establish new in vitro test systems. Others are needed for educational purposes. In most instances, only one or two organs are needed while the rest of the animal body is discarded.

AniMatch is an online platform enabling scientists to connect and share organs and tissue of sacrificed animals. This inspires responsible use of a valuable biological resource and reduces animal usage effectively.

It's easy

After registration AniMatch allows scientists to post or search offers for the multiple use of sacrificed animals. To publish an offer, the providing party provides data such as species, type, genetic background as well as number, age and sex of the animal. Further the organ or tissue removed by the provider for his own purpose and a timeframe for the killing is given. The seeking party can search and filter the database for the required number organs/tissues from the desired species. In case of a successful match the seeker can send a request. In turn, contact information is sent to both parties who are then able to arrange the details of the transfer.

Hygiene and Security

To assert highest quality standards we included an innovative hygiene management system based on existing certificates. For further questions according to our hygiene management system please contact us. Security is ensured through a two step process. First, new registrations need to pass our approval based on the institutional affliation as indicated by the E-Mail and the IP-address. Then, prior to first use, each registered scientist requires activation by the responsible Animal welfare officer of the participating institute. Thus, we create a safe and protected place for communication among experimenters working with animals.


In the near future, we will be able to offer you professional delivery through an experienced logistics provider. This optional service saves time and allows you to prepare your own experiment while your valuable tissues are on their way straight to your lab.

The Community – Share Knowledge and enhance Animal Welfare

Within the AniMatch community the scientists are able to share knowledge and experience in the field of experimental animal science and the 3R’s to further the animal welfare.

Future developments – The Reimbursement

We do not intent to make profit with AniMatch, we are morally driven and want to actively providing innovative solutions to make animal usage more efficient and further the reduction of needed animals in scientific purposes. That is why we have developed AniMatch without investors and other funding opportunities. Our own investments are time, passion and creativity! Nevertheless, we aim at providing a long-lasting service that is constantly optimized and extended. Therefore, we need money to cover the expenses. The Inhouse as well as the neighbourhood solution that are costumer-adapted will be available as paid annual subscription. The AniMatch Community will be cost-free until we will implement a specific adjusted payment system. Within this payment system you will get the opportunity to be reimbursed by the taker for your provided organs/tissues as well as your additional expenses for the harvesting and storing. Don’t forget that the taker spares a lot of costs for buying, caring and housing of the needed animal. Don’t worry! We will inform you early enough about novelties in our system and always strive hardly to provide a easy and practicable solution.

European directive 2010/63/EU

With AniMatch we directly meet the the European directive 2010/63/EU which includes the request that “Member States shall facilitate, where appropriate, the establishment of programmes for the sharing of organs and tissues of animals killed.” (Recital 27 and Article 18 2010/63/EU).

Legal Questions?

The provider is responsible for the killing notification (facultative) and the reporting obligations. For further questions or suggestions please get in contact with us: info@animatch.eu