About us

Our Motivation

We are a morally driven team which is passionated about developing innovative approaches to provide easy and practicable solutions to reduce the lab animal usage in science. We like to bubbeling over with ideas and share them with a wide community as well as optimizing given infrastructures. We aim at reducing lab animal usage to a needed minimum by working resource-sparing and sustainable.


Our idea was born in 2013 when Jan needed porcine organs for an ongoing project. Therefore, we asked our self: Why is there not a suitable solution? During the following months we (Jan, Annemarie and Resa) started to develop a solution with the externe guidance of Prof. Jörg Luy. In August 2014 Benjamin jointed our team and yielded in the missing programming knowledge. Therefore, we launched our first prototype in September 2014. During the last year, we worked hard on the optimization of the system with great input of the Berlin animal welfare officers. We learnt a lot during this phase and are now proud to launch the optimized version of AniMatch.