Join in - How to get started

  1. Organisation determines AniMatch Administrator
  2. Set up of the Organisation by the AniMatch Administrator
  3. Research registers to AniMatch
  4. AniMatch Administrator activates Researcher
  5. Researcher can share tissues and organs secure and with high quality

Download the administration tutorial (english)

Organization – Within the AniMatch system each Institute, University, Private Institute or Company is defined as an organization. The first step to join AniMatch as an organization is determining an internal AniMatch Admininistrator.

AniMatch Administrator – Due to the organization integrity in the system, the security of the system (activation of researchers), the high quality standards (hygienic matching) each organization has to determine an AniMatch Administrator (Animal Welfare officer, Animal Faculty manager, hygienie manager), who is responsible for the organization’s set up in AniMatch.

Inactive Researcher - Researchers, who already registered on AniMatch, but her/his Organization is not set up in AniMatch so far or the account is not yet approved by the AniMatch Administrator.

Active Researcher – Registered researcher, who is assigned to a specific organization and unit and is approved by the AniMatch Administrator.