Join in - Animal Facility Authority

Dear Animal Welfare Officers, Hygienic Manager of the Animal Facility Manager and Animal Facility Manager,

We developed AniMatch to provide an opportunity to effectively reduce lab animal usage. Therefore, we need your help as main responsible persons for the Animal Welfare and Facility at your Institute, University or Company. We developed and optimized our system by consulting animal welfare officers all over Germany. Subsequently, we implemented and designed many special features and services for you to minimize the additional workload and to control the exchanges in your facility.

Where we need your help:

First of all you need to determine as Team the so called AniMatch Administrator who will be responsible for the set-up and actualization of your Institute, University or Company in AniMatch. We are able to provide further accesses for your Team members.

The next step is the set up process: Therefore you need to register as AniMatch Administrator. We will approve your registration. Afterwards you can fill in the needed information about you animal facility including the specific animal units and the hygiene certificates. You are then able to activate and assign the scientists to the animal units. The set up procedure will take between 1-2 hours, but afterwards the workload is reduced to a minimum. We sent you reminder mails if the hygiene certificates expire and you only need to confirm that nothing changed or you are able to shortly fill in changes and upload the actual hygiene certificate. With your account you are able to follow every exchange in your facility. We will also provide weekly email reports. Hygiene certificates can only be seen by other AniMatch Administrators on request. We would be glad to explain you the whole procedure in more detail within a personal meeting, telephone or Skype call and assist you in the set up procedure. Furthermore, we are open for any questions, feedback and suggestions! Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us!

What we provide you with in return:

  • Information events for scientists
  • Flyers and information material
  • Personal training and assistance in the set-up process
  • Online-survey to query the interest to use AniMatch among your researchers
  • A weekly report email with a summary of the activities in your organisation
  • Customer-specific solutions of the system, see also Our Solutions
  • Annual report and participation confirmation for the legal agency