Join in - Scientists

Dear interested Scientists,

we developed AniMatch for you to make your life easier and your work more effective and reduce animal usage in parallel. We are open for any questions, feedback and suggestions so please do not hesitate to get in contact with us!

Before you start please consider the following points:

Before registering ask your responsible animal welfare officer whether your organisation is already using AniMatch or not. If yes, you can directly register and, after the approval and activation steps, start to share organs and tissues. If not, please talk to your animal welfare officer or get in contact with us so we can get your organisation set up.

Due to our high security standards it is not possible to register with a private email address. We will only accept email adresses with organisational affliation – no exceptions! Furthermore, it is only possible to register from an organisational network. We hope for your understanding! We aim at avoiding any abusive usage of our system to create a protected and safe space with the focus on animal welfare.

If you do not have a responsible animal welfare officer because you do not normally work with animals but need organs or tissues for your research, please contact us, we will provide you with a solution.